5 Ideas For Your Wedding Photo Shoot List

One of the best things you can do to help a wedding photographer do great work is to build a shoot list. This is an itemized list of ideas and settings that can be used to plan wedding photography around. Let's look at 5 ideas that you may want to add to your list.

Diptychs and Triptychs

The idea here is to use a sequence of two or three photos to present a sense of motion and tell a story. It's a great way to handle events that convey anticipation, such as tossing a wedding bouquet or cutting a cake. The three panels can then be presented in a sequence, making for a very interesting and active presentation.

Maximize the Gold Hour for Full Effect

Talk with any pro photographer about the Golden Hour, and you'll have their attention. Right before the sun goes down, there's an hour when the light comes out very gold and at a horizontal angle. It looks especially gorgeous in the spring and the fall, but it also can be used to great effect at late hours in the summer. Include the sun in the background to get even more of a wow factor from your photos.

Think About Key Moments and Plan Accordingly

Every marriage ceremony and reception has a few big moments that stand out. Many of these can be planned for, such as the exchange of rings or the couple's first dance. Make a list of such moments you want captured and ask your wedding photographer to stake out a good spot to shoot. Clear people out of the way, and make sure your shooter knows when the big moments are coming.

Zoom Out

The temptation with wedding photography is always to get up close and personal. You can differentiate your images by backing away from the subjects and using scenery and negative space to frame typical photos in unusual ways. This can help you take advantage of a gorgeous landscape, or you can even use a plain white wall to make an artistic statement.

Indulge the Process

It's easy to fall into the trap of a wedding as a presentation or a performance. A lot of effort goes into making that happen, though, and great photos can come from things like the two soon-to-be-wed couple getting ready. Friendly interactions while getting makeup done or meeting family members for the first time can shine as saved moments from the process of having a wedding.

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