5 Unusual Places To Shoot Lifestyle Photos Of Your Family

In your lifetime, you have probably posed for hundreds of pictures, from school portraits to family photos taken when everyone gets together for the holidays. These posed photos are great, but they don't necessarily capture your family's spirit and zest for life. That's where a lifestyle family photographer comes in. A lifestyle photographer specializes in documenting things as they happen rather than taking photographs of people in stiff poses. It's common for lifestyle photographers to shoot birthday parties and first communions, but there are other ways to document your life. Take your photographer along next time your family visits any of these places.

1. Ski Slopes

Imagine how much you would enjoy walking into your home every day and seeing a photo of your child jumping off a ski lift for the first time. You can make it happen by taking a photographer with you next time your family goes skiing. The slopes are a great place to take lifestyle shots because every member of the family might be doing something different. You can get photos of your kids skiing or snowboarding, capture memories of you and your spouse snuggling by the fire in the lodge, or document the day your child graduates from the bunny slope to one of the intermediate slopes.

2. Hiking Trails

Hiking together is a great way to solidify your bond, and a hiking trail is a great place to take lifestyle photographs of your family. Every season of the year has something to offer, from the gold and red leaves of fall to the icicles and snowflakes of winter, creating the perfect backdrop for each shot. Your photographer can capture the exhilaration of making it to the top of a mountain peak or the wonderment of your children as they look out at the horizon.

3. Hot-Air Balloon Festival

If you're in the mood to travel, ask a photographer to meet you at one of the many ballooning festivals that take place in the United States. Look for a festival near you. The colorful balloons and whimsical shapes are the perfect background for photos of your family. Your photographer can document your child's first ballooning experience, commemorate your love for your spouse with special photos of just the two of you, or turn ordinary moments into something special by taking photographs of your family as you gaze at the balloons, enjoy concessions and shop for souvenirs.

4. Petting Zoo

What's cuter than pictures of children? Pictures of children with animals. If your local zoo permits photography on the premises, ask your photographer to meet you at the zoo for a day of photo fun. Many zoos have barnyard animals for children to pet, so you can get great shots of your kids feeding goats or petting cows. Some zoos even allow visitors to feed colorful birds or pet long-necked giraffes. Booking a photography session at the zoo is a great way to spice up your photo albums and create lasting memories.

5. Fishing Holes

If your family loves to fish, have a photographer accompany you to your favorite fishing hole, whether it's an out-of-the way pond or a nearby river. Fishing presents many opportunities for taking pictures, with activities like loading everything into the car, putting the bait on the hook and casting your line into the water. As an added bonus, if you catch a big one, you'll have proof to share with all of your friends.

Posing for photos is fun, but it's even more fun to have a lifestyle family photographer document your family as you attend special events or carry out everyday activities. If you have a sense of adventure and a photographer who loves the outdoors, try some of these locations for your next family photo shoot.